Welcome to London College of Global Education

Welcome to the world of online learning, where learning is no longer confined to a place or time. We live in an exciting time as the technological advancements are opening opportunities for both study and work, all without leaving the comfort of your home. 

London College of Global Education (LCOGE) is established in 2010 to offer specialised coursed in teaching and education. All the courses are delivered in a tailored manner to suit learners' needs and expectation. The courses are provided through  face to face and via distance learning. We have team of qualified teachers, assessors and internal quality assurance officers to support the learners throughout their study journey. We are an ESFA RoATP approved main provider to deliver apprenticeship programme. 

We strongly believe that everyone should get an opportunity to get a tailor-made education at affordable price. We are committed to providing up-to-date learning resources to our learners. We aim to reach students from across the world.


“Our vision is to provide what learners and employers need without any boundaries”


“To create and provide a high quality of learning journey which inspire, and change people lives”

Value: Quality

Q: Quality 

U: Understanding learner's and employer's needs

A: Accountable

L: Learning

I : Continuous Improvement

T : Talent Management

Y: Yield value for stakeholders

Apprenticeship Programme:

An apprenticeship is a work-based learning programme, which will  train you for an exciting new career. This is a full-time job, training, and proper qualifications. So, you will earn while you learn. These programmes are designed by the employers who are looking for specific sets of knowledge, skills and behaviour.  You will also progress to a university degree. 

If you have already on the job or you want to develop career then apprenticeship programmes is the best option. This programme is absolutely free for you.

Who can join this apprenticeship programme?

Anyone over 16, be eligible to live and work in the UK and have three to five GCSEs are eligible to join this programme. However, employers also set entry requirements as each apprenticeship has different entry requirements. 

You will also required to achieve functional skills- English, Maths and ITC (in some cases) as a part of this programme. 

How will you get trained via apprenticeship programme? 

You will normally get 1 day off per week (20%) to attend workshop, carry out online research and so on. The rest you will spend most of the time working (80% in fact) at workplace to  complete work projects – doing all the learning activities that directly associated with apprenticeship programme. 

Who support me during this programme?

There will be a team to support you throughout the programme including a trainer/coach, line manager.

Coach/trainer- We will assign a trainer/coach to support you on programme apprenticeship, who will closely work with you and your line manager to support you in the workplace learning and in classroom to acquire knowledge, skills and behaviour as well as prepare you for End Point Assessment. 

At your workplace, your line manager will support by providing apprenticeship related work projects. 

Why Us

Advantages of London College Of Global Education

In London College Of Global Education, we are committed to bringing the best courses to you at an affordable price. We believe in open opportunities for everyone from any culture, language, race or country. 

No matter where you reside, learning has never been this easy. And with our help from experts and industry leading professionals, who had spent many years teaching students and professionals like you successfully, you can "be" rest assured that you have come to the right place". 

Flexible Learning

Learn when you like, where you like it, as long as you like.

Nowadays, time is invaluable and we know how stressful it could be travelling to a college to prepare for an exam or to a training centre to undertake a course, and because we believe in technology as much as we believe in education, we decided to open this online learning academy at a fraction of the cost of a traditional and old fashioned school/college based education.

Who Are We

London College Of Global Education is a UK registered institute that is run by a group of professionals who have years of experience in the field of education. So, you are guaranteed that your education is in the best hands and you will gain the maximum benefit for your effort and money.

Whether you are a student looking to prepare for your Higher Education or a professional willing to undertake a certification in a specific field related to your workplace, or even a corporate aiming to develop the skills of your workforce, we are here to help.

Our team will ensure you achieve your highest potential in your experience with London College Of Global Education