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The EUAAB Executive Business Mentor (EBM) Programme

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The EUAAB Executive Business Mentor (EBM) Programme

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The EUAAB Executive Business Mentor (EBM) Programme offers an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques that are required to succeed in today’s challenging business environment. The program features focused learning experiences and case studies centered on vital subject areas in the business world. By examining and discussing the case studies, managers will learn how organizational units interact to support corporate strategy and the different ways business can adapt to constant change.

What does the 8 day EUAAB Executive Business Mentor (EBM) Programme offer you as a leader?

The 8 day EUAAB Executive Business Mentor (EBM) Programme provides a solid foundation in current business theory and practices that today’s leaders need to succeed. When business as usual is no longer the norm, it takes out of the box thinking to stay competitive. Throughout this program, you will explore current business best practices with top thought leaders. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and to learn from the experiences of other leaders in the room. And you will walk away with cutting-edge information and practical business tools that can be applied immediately in your organization. At no other time in recent history has it been more critical to stay ahead of the competition than it is today!

For the past years, the EUAAB- Executive Business Mentor (EBM)Programme Certificate has shared the latest business thinking with professionals like you. The long-time success of this program rests on the fact that it consistently provides a foundation of practical knowledge and tools for making more informed business decisions – decisions that will directly impact your performance and that of your organization.

Who Should Attend?

•  Executive coaches who need to update their business knowledge and skills in order to inform current business leaders.

•  Experienced managers who need to update their business knowledge and skills in order to craft successful business strategies.

• High-potential managers who need a solid foundation in current business theory and practices to prepare for positions of increased responsibility.

• Professionals and entrepreneurs who need to learn basic business concepts in order to operate their businesses more effectively.

What Will You Gain?

• An overview of management skills that will help you think more strategically and lead more effectively

• Exposure to current management topics and business trends

• The ability to work and communicate more effectively with each functional area of business using the “language of business”

• A network of professional peers from a wide variety of businesses and industries

• Exposure to top-quality faculty who offer practical and immediately actionable business knowledge

• The opportunity to link business knowledge to results for your benefit and your organization’s benefit

• Enhance your leadership skills! In today’s unstable economic environment, learning is an ongoing process. The most successful leaders are those who continually seek ways to enhance their skills. This EUAAB Executive Business Mentor (EBM) Programme makes focused, continuous learning readily available to you and easily applicable to the business issues facing your organization._

Course Content

Day 1

Strategic Management in a Global Economy:

Competitiveness and Strategic Growth

  • Creating competitive corporate advantage
  • Successful businessmen strategy
  • Building and managing transnational companies
  • Managing in the Information Age: Strategy of global leaders
  • Winning Strategy in New Economy
  • Implementing Strategy: Translating Strategy in a successful Action-Process
  • Management control systems
  • The competitive challenge of globalization
  • How to manage hyper growth

Day 2

Leadership: Leading Individuals, Teams

How to create a Culture of Innovation

  • The new role of the modern leader
  • Leadership in a global competitive environment
  • Leading in a rapid growth organization
  • Structural bases of leadership
  • Coaching for results
  • Vision and communication team development
  • Leading innovation and organizational renewal
  • Managing and leading innovation and the organizational changes

Day 3


  • Accounting as a benchmark tool and to make better decisions and strategies
  • Strategic cost management
  • Evaluating financial performance: use of ratios and cash flow
  • analysis
  • Transfer pricing and cost allocation
  • Responsibility accounting
  • The uses and values of performance measurement systems
  • Performance Measurement Indicators

Day 4

International Marketing-Management

  • Marketing-Strategy: How to create real customer value
  • and building customer loyalty
  • Strategic brand management
  • Pricing in global markets: Value vs. Cost based pricing
  • Integrated marketing – communications
  • Building and managing global brand equity
  • Performance Measurement and Balanced Scorecards in Marketing
  • Market-Research: How to understand your Customer Needs
  • The Marketing organization of the future

Day 5

Leading Knowledge Worker and Organizational Flexibility

  • Influencing Process Design, Direction and Function
  • The implementation of change strategies: Transforming organizational structures
  • Making an organization more visionary
  • Leading Remote and Virtual Teams
  • Managing high tech knowledge workers
  • Knowledge based Management
  • Leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution
  • Organizational Learning

Day 6

Strategic Decision Making: Why great Leaders don’t take “Yes” for an answer

  • Surviving and managing in complex situation
  • Managing transitions, changes and cultural complexity
  • The approaches to Decision Making
  • Decision as a process: Inquiry versus Advocacy, Constructive Conflict Structure in the Decision-Making-Process
  • How real organizations make real decisions
  • How the decision process unfolds throughout the organization-not just in the executive suite
  • The five myths of executive decision making
  • How to gain the whole hearted commitment to act
  • Addressing hidden doubts that could undermine your final decision

Day 7

Management of Change in complex Organization

Leading and managing organizational change

The role of organizational culture

The innovative solution organization: How to communicate change Designing high commitment organizations and high-performance work groups

Managing in high-stress environments

Personal styles and managerial styles

Day 8

The Networked Economy: Value-Chain-Management and Process Mapping

  • Develop new business opportunities
  • Transform existing business and brands
  • Build organizational capability
  • The networked economy: Creating Value in a technology driven world
  • The Value Chain and Supply Chain Design
  • Understanding the Networked Economy: The gap between current business strategies and networked business models